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About Merkel Metal Recyling

Who We areJeff Merkel and his father....

Merkel Metal Recycling and Roll-Off Containers is a family owned and operated business, which started on a small scale in the mid 60's as a supplemental income. In 1983, Merkel Scrap Iron & Metal was formed and became a fulltime business, specializing in on-site industrial scrap metal clean up, at designated areas; sometimes referred to as boneyards. With the growing need for our services, as the industrial sector strives for cleaner and safer work places, our company has evolved to meet the services and demands of our customers.


News Talk Back with Jeff Merkel
Listen to radio interview with Jeff to learn more about Merkel’s capabilities and business philosophy.

Merkel recycling containers


Is The

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Environmental Programs
  • Merkel Metal Recycling Division is committed to being an environmentally friendly facility. Merkel has developed an environmental program to manage possible risks associated with recycling scrap metal. ("Environmental Management System")
  • We have implemented site specific Pollution Prevention Plans required by Missouri Dept. of Natural Resources consisting of Storm water Pollution Plans, Spill Prevention Control, Storm water Discharge and Maintenance Plans.

  • We have developed structural and management controls.

  • We have obtained the proper environmental permits required for our operations.

  • We perform environmental and safety training to our employees and management teams.

  • We have developed a three zone inspection program for inbound material, as they arrive for potential pollutions along with identifying unauthorized materials.

  • We assure our cooperation through regular compliance audits and other regulated programs.